Good Shoes & Good Business in Southern Ohio

Recently I had a friend give me an idea to write a blog about my shoes and my good business practices in Southern Ohio.

Debbie said that she likes to see my Instagram posts on my shoes and feels that I am a good business woman and that I should write something so that folks can follow.

I have a love for shoes and a passion and love for my business.

Each day when I get up I feel like I need to dress for the occasion no matter what my day faces.

And that can simply be from board room meetings, meetings with personal clients, business clients, Farm Owners and manufacturers.

This week is a week of conversations in local schools and presentations to affinity groups.

With that I felt that I need to make sure I am comfortable with a simple wedge since Ill be moving back and forth in front of folks at a podium with a microphone.

So with that I had to bring my shoe game strong with my wedges, and since its still a little warm I couldn’t just go straight for the closed toes just yet.

I love my peep toe wedges for that perfect simplistic style and classic look all while still holding onto those warmer days 🙂


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