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Beyond the Red Binder

When it comes to meeting with clients they always comment on my red binder. I let them know that my red binder holds my tools just to make notes when sitting down to have the simplest conversation with a client. I like to take notes when listening to key points that clients are telling me... Continue Reading →

It’s not just about business.

For 20 years I have prided myself on not just being about business, or that transactional office. I really strive for the relationship value with my clients. I appreciate them inviting me into their homes, business and lives. It's been a true privilege and honor to earn the trust. As always my core values are... Continue Reading →

Moms & Time

With Mothers Day approaching this weekend we know everyone is looking for What they can ‘get’ their mother as a gift for that day. No one will love us like our mothers! EVER!  They will always be in your corner, your biggest cheerleader and love you unconditionally.   When your mother passes you realize the cold... Continue Reading →

Coffee & Fellowship

I've been doing coffee and fellowship for over 20 years here at my agency.  I am truly honored that my clients and friends will just stop in any day of the week and partake.  For it’s a rare privilege when someone gives you their time in today's world. Since day one I have had a... Continue Reading →

Who is your Father?

If you were lucky enough to have your father while growing up or if you are still fortunate enough to have him in your life today then consider yourself fortunate. I never got the chance to really know my father as he was killed over 40 years ago. However, that fatherhood role and my needs... Continue Reading →


There are three objectives we have in life. We all want love, we all want more time or don’t have enough time and we all will experience death of a loved one or when our time comes to pass. I like to look at the WHY in life…Why am I here? Why are you here?... Continue Reading →

Portsmouth is on the Move

Yesterday evening I went to the Main Street Portsmouth event that celebrates Portsmouth annually.   This is a wonderful annual event that raises money for the MSP  funds and projects. Where local business owners and community members give their time, money and ideas to revitalize our area.   What I learned while sitting with my... Continue Reading →

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