Jeannie Yates

Jeannie FarmersI have been in the Insurance Business since 2010. Insurance is not what I went to school for and I had no idea how it would impact my life or that it would become my passion. I was just another client in March of 2010 coming in to Farmers Insurance to make my premium payment on the Day that Changed my Life Forever!

old carI noticed Donna working the front office and in my need for employment asked if she could use some help. She hired me on the spot and I have been here ever since. I went back to school and excelled in Life, Health, Property and Casualty. I passed all my State exams and got my Insurance licenses that summer. It was the beginning of a great working relationship here at The Wolery Insurance Agency.

Jeannie Farmers2While, I deal mostly with the Auto and Home  side of the business, Life insurance is my passion. I have seen so many people, including family, who don’t have the coverage they need and can’t get that coverage once it’s too late. It’s heartbreaking to watched a loved one struggle to make a down-payment on funeral expenses for their deceased parent, sibling or grown child. Life insurance is for the living and it a great way to tell someone you love them by making sure they don’t have to ask for donations in lieu of flowers for your funeral.

familyI enjoy the time I spend with each client and the relationship I build with them and their families. People are not numbers here at The Wolery Insurance Agency; they are living beings with hopes, dreams, feelings, lives and loved ones. Our goal here is to support our clients and guide them to make the decisions that benefit them most.

customer-service_0822_12We make Customer service our top priority and it’s my favorite part of the job. It’s a great feeling when something happens whether it is big or small and my client is grateful for having all the coverages they needed! We do yearly reviews to help keep all insurance needs and personal information up to date and doing those yearly reviews are an important part of my job. Our bigest Marketing tool is our own customers! When people are happy they tell their friends and family!

kidsIn my spare time I am a Wife to my wonderful Husband Michael, I have a son Mason and three great step-children Montana, Dakota, and Chantel. I also have a grandson Lane born in November of 2013. I love to spend time with my 4 dogs. I live in the middle of Wayne National Forest on 132 acres where my family, pets and I can run, jump, and play. I’m an artist both photography and sketch, I’m also a poet with several published works. I also get joy from donating to Disabled Veterans, I also volunteer with DESCO Federal Credit Union and the local schools doing a reality fair, as well as partnering with The 4H Club in their Real Money/Real World project, and enjoy donating my time to our local NO Kill animal Shelter Sierra’s Haven for new and used pets and participating in the Courtney Clifford 5K run/Walk for Ovarian Cancer.

Contact Me:

Phone: My Direct extension is 740-355-0888 EXT 225



You can also reach me Via my facebookpage as well.

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