Moms & Time

With Mothers Day approaching this weekend we know everyone is looking for

What they can ‘get’ their mother as a gift for that day.

No one will love us like our mothers! EVER!  They will always be in your corner, your biggest cheerleader and love you unconditionally.   When your mother passes you realize the cold facts of just how true those statements are.  Because you will never have that kind of love again.

I know everyone wants to run out and buy a card and buy a gift but I can guarantee you that the best gift you could ever give your mother is the gift of YOUR TIME.

Our mothers wont be here forever and as we grow older so do they.  I know we live in an extremely fast paced world and think we can get to it when we have time.   Truth is… that time can be too late at times.

So I give you all this challenge this year.  Make time and just spend quality time with your mother. Not only today but as much as you can everyday.  I guarantee you that it will be the best gift you ever gave her..   Just ask her and you will find out.

Happy Mothers Day to all.

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