Coffee & Fellowship

I’ve been doing coffee and fellowship for over 20 years here at my agency.  I am truly honored that my clients and friends will just stop in any day of the week and partake.  For it’s a rare privilege when someone gives you their time in today’s world.

Since day one I have had a coffee bar with food available for anyone that just wanted to stop in for a cup of coffee and insurance.  Or just a cup of coffee with some fellowship.  Not only do I feel like we feed people’s bellies but we feed their souls and maybe take care of some insurance needs along the way.

We aren’t just insurance. We care about our clients and friends and we are simply just not the transactional agency.  We like to have a conversation and listen to your needs even if it doesn’t have anything to do with insurance.  As there are times when some folks just need to bend someone’s ear for some support and encouragement.

So while the coffee shops and restaurants are abound in our area and I love to frequent them with my fellow business partners and friends. I can assure you if you ever just want a quiet place where you just want some coffee , have a question about or need insurance or just someone to talk to we invite you to stop in our place anytime.  We will welcome you with some great coffee, smiles and a listening ear.

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