Who is your Father?

If you were lucky enough to have your father while growing up or if you are still fortunate enough to have him in your life today then consider yourself fortunate.

I never got the chance to really know my father as he was killed over 40 years ago.

However, that fatherhood role and my needs of having that father figure role have always managed to be met.

I had my mother who did her best to raise 3 young children while mourning the loss of her high school sweetheart that she married and was fortunate to be able to have as a husband for 15 years of her young life.  I often wonder how hard that was for my mother to play the major role in our lives. I know that it could not have been the easiest of jobs for sure.

I really feel that I was blessed with the father roles that did exist in my life. My Uncle Bill was always first and foremost in our lives and has remained a constant in our lives even though he had three children of his own that were in the same age range as we were.  I am incredibly thankful that his children never once complained or begrudged us for taking any of his time.

My father’s best friend Bob Wallace and my mothers best friends Gary Kitchen and Ed Watts even remained a constant in our lives still to this day.  I think that speaks volumes of the characters these men are.  

While I am sad that I never knew my father and I feel a little pain when Father’s Day approaches the flip~side and the bright side is that I am incredibly thankful that these men have shaped my life and have been supportive and loving over the years as I know many don’t get that opportunity.

So with that is not really who is your father but who really shaped your life and whom stood in the present and moments you needed them.

I know I will forever be eternally grateful to the ones that were there for me.  

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