Portsmouth is on the Move

Yesterday evening I went to the Main Street Portsmouth event that celebrates Portsmouth annually.


This is a wonderful annual event that raises money for the MSP  funds and projects.

Where local business owners and community members give their time, money and ideas to revitalize our area.


What I learned while sitting with my fellow Southen Ohio Professional Partnership member

Craig DeAtley that owns Century 21 Empire Reality is that Portsmouth is on a positive upswing.


Per Craig the housing and commercial building sales have increased double over last year and the activity in the downtown development is starting to make a big impact.  I learned that some older buildings were under renovation and will be housing new business and restaurants.


I learned that there has been grant money allocated but the grant money was not as much as what individual property owners were investing.  I know I for one decided to buy an old building and rehab my building with no loan or grant money.   I did this for the love of the area and that I work here and make my living here.  That this town has so much to offer for so many different reasons to a plethora of industries.  For example my friend Dale King and Renee Wallace down the street from my office have Doc Spartan that was recently featured on ABCs Shark Tank but before that they were


I am beyond ecstatic to learn that the enrollment numbers at SCCTC if up over 31 percent from last year.  If you haven’t been out to their campus and taken a tour I invite all of you to go out there ASAP.


I am tired of hearing the negative and choose not to be around the negative but to place myself among the others in this community that love our area as well and know the potential it has to bring back the beauty , jobs and wealth we so much are in need of and desire.  I love this community and I am fortunate enough that I have been able to have been able to grow up here and remain here as a local business owner.


So I ask you this.  What are you doing to help our community?  If we all just take a small part then we all help with the bigger picture.

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