Celebrating Success in a Small Town

A couple weeks ago my friends Dale King and Renee Wallace were featured on the popular show on ABC, Shark Tank, with their products that are hand made right here in our hometown.

In fact their shop is just around the block from the office. And if you are lucky to win some of our Farmers Swag Bags in or give-a-ways you know it’s always got Doc Spartan products included in the bag.

Now, we already knew they were stars and heroes to many because of what all they do for the community.

But with that they wanted to have a viewing party and invited everyone that wanted to come share in the excitement and airing of the show.

Of course I wouldn’t miss that for the world. I was so excited for them I couldn’t help but beam whenever they were mentioned.

So while I was at the viewing party I looked around that room and noticed that everyone was genuinely happy for them. Everyone had a smile on their face and were enjoying the company of the community members that filled that room.

In fact I had a conversation with a fellow business owner and he and I were making a statement on how wonderful it would be if we all could get together like that all the time and share in the joy of just being around great people.

If you have read about our town you will have read that we definitely have lots of challenges but in the end we are a community of GRIT and should we fall down we just get back up and forge ahead.

I’m excited to see this new hope of Portsmouth and can’t thank Dale and Renee enough for bringing us all along for the ride. For we are all stronger when we support one another and look for the change of good. I know I am one that doesn’t like to sit on the sidelines but to at least be one that is helping pull the cart forward and doing my part for I know that Portsmouth will be great again with the new generation of business owners in the area making differences. What a refreshing change to see this old river town start to have some life again.

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