10 Valentines gifts your Wife/girlfriend actually wants.

We have 4 days left and counting until Valentines day. Have you gotten your significant other a gift yet? Are you tired of getting the same old thing? Maybe you want to get something more meaningful this year. Here is a list of 10 things your girl really wants for Valentines day. Good luck!

roses-and-chocolate-wallpaper10. The  Classics; Never underestimate the classics of a dozen roses and box of chocolates. Just don’t skimp on the roses or chocolates sometimes it is more than the thought that counts and when it comes to good chocolate it tends to be one of those times.

perfumes-19. Perfume; Odds are you already know your girls favorite perfume, if you don’t, find out and surprise her with a bottle.

jewelry8. Jewelry; You cannot go wrong with a beautiful piece of jewelry. Just make sure it’s to her taste, if your girl like’s gold buy her gold if she wears silver buy her silver, paying attention to these details really makes all the difference and makes it even more special.

chores7. Chores; Yes gentlemen, your woman would love to sit back and relax while you do the house hold chores for a change. If she is the one who usually does the dishes or puts away the laundry make tonight your turn I promise she will love you for it.

homemade-valentines-gifts-for-her-qte9zbb86. Something Homemade; Make her something, take the time and effort to make her something. If its a sweet hand written card or that pallet furniture she has been pinning on Pinterest for months. This is the gift where the thought counts the most.

massage.jpg5. Massage; No not those cheesy IOU a 5 min massage cards you make but never pay up on. Buy your girl an actual massage from a local masseuse. A lot of them offer discounts this time of year.

istock_000001380830xsmall4. Music; Get your love a copy of her newest favorite CD or buy her an iTunes or Amazon gift card so she can soak up all the soothing sounds of her favorite notes.

bath3. Bath supplies; Bubble bath, scented soaps, and bath bombs for her to have a relaxing bath.

dd7567398ace14d1171d80d4671a5b41_date-night-date-night_823-5222. Date night; Take a night and go out, do something you love go to the movies and to dinner just spend some time to remind her that she is beautiful and you love her.

  1. malamute-luca-dog-toy-forever-karissa-lerch-7Animal, If you have been looking to add a furry member to your family now is a perfect time! Go to a local animal shelter and adopt it will make everyone happy! If you are not ready for the responsibility of a live fur baby get her a stuffed one. Ladies love anything cuddly and soft.

Remember this holiday doesn’t have to be a money racket it can be low key and still be a successful event. As long as she feels loved and knows you took the time to think of her and get her a special gift you’ll be a winner in her eyes!

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