Why I love Farmers

I must get asked why I love insurance and Farmers so much on a continuous basis.

Well I guess you can say the reasons are two fold.

One I love insurance because it protects families from the unfortunate events in life.

The most rewarding job I have ever had knowing that I am helping families and

Delivering in their time of need.

And two, I love Farmers because Farmers has been in business for over 80 years. Our life company alone has been in business for over 100 years and  Farmers is innovative and most importantly they care about their loyal customer base and agency force.

I had many options when I chose to open my doors as an agency owner and right away Farmers was the clear winner for me just in the simple fact of how the agency force interacts with other agencies and company employees.  We are FARMILY aka FAMILY is the way I look at it.

There is nothing better than walking in the doors to my office everyday knowing that I made the right choice to partner with when it comes to insuring my clients, family and friends. For my clients are my extended family in my eyes.  

So if you don’t feel like family when you walk into your agents office, we invite you to come to our agency. I guarantee you that you will feel like family with my staff, myself and from our company.

WE ARE FARMERS  family-ins 

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