Know your Value

Recently one of my largest commercial clients called me and advised that they were going to shop their insurance this year as they needed to crunch some numbers.

I advised that I appreciated their loyalty and that I would like to see the proposals they are obtaining because I want to make sure they don’t leave me and get inferior coverage. Regardless I will always want what is best for my client.

My client called me this past week and we had a conversation and he wanted to tell me that while he started the shopping process that he stopped it as the other agent said “Where do we need to be in order to get your business?”

My client said it was like a light bulb that went off and he told the other agent “You know what, even if you were several thousand dollars less I wouldn’t leave my current agent. Her customer service is stellar and with that I realize she is of value to me. So I am sorry to have wasted your time. I just need to call my agent back and let her know I will continue to renew with her.”

I am so very thankful for all of my clients and I have always felt that my service is above and beyond the rest. That we are superior when it comes to the service level. However, it’s nice to know when it’s validated and a client tells you they know the value you have to them.

If you truly want superior service, and an agency that values honor, integrity, and trust then I invite you to give us a call or stop in to feel and see the difference.

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