Tuesday Endorsement Spotlight~ Personal Injury Endorsement on Homeowners Policy

Just when you think you have it all covered the internet comes along and opens up a whole new liability for you. In the age of social media where everyone is just a keystroke away from an ALL CAPS “discussion” on whatever the topic of the day might be. It is easy to get carried away and say things you might regret later or maybe your someone who feels passionately about a subject and your just “sorry your not sorry”.

Do you realize you or even your teenager could be slapped with a personal injury lawsuit for what you post online? A personal Injury endorsement on your Homeowner’s policy or Renter’s Insurance policy could save the day.

A standard Homeowner’s policy usually doesn’t cover personal injury so if you don’t have the endorsement you can be left out in the cold. ( Always read your policy and/or go over your policy with your agent. Don’t be afraid to ask if you have this coverage!)

Personal Injury isn’t just what your typing on your Social Media pages either it can include, things like false arrest, wrongful eviction or entry if you have rental properties, invasion or violation of privacy and of course slander and defamation.

Remember your Insurance policy isn’t magic and this endorsement has it’s limits and exclusions (check your policy for specifics). Always beware of what you type and remember once it’s on the internet you can never really delete it (it’s always out there in cyber space somewhere) in the event you say something that has been taken the wrong way, a good insurance policy with the right coverage can be just what you need to save your life savings.

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