Geriatric Pets

Owning a Geriatric Pet is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Do you know when your pet gets older they are going to need twice as much vet care as your puppy?

My dog is now 12 and someone said to me last week “Boy you sure take your dog to the vet a lot.”

And rather than my response be sarcastic, I simply stated.. Why yes I do, and I am fortunate enough that I have the means to do so.

When your pet gets older they need more care and I want the very best for my pet.

I wish I had purchased Pet Insurance years ago but it was not offered at that time. I am a firm believer in it as I know I have totaled what I have spent in just 2016 alone.

I love my dog as she gives me joy every single day. She is owed the respect of my time and gentle care.

Before you get a pet make sure you think about their care in their latter years and consider pet insurance or at least consider the cost as you don’t want to skimp on your animals care.

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