Tuesday Endorsement Spotlight

Every Tuesday our site will feature a spotlight on endorsements to your auto or home policies.

Recently I realized so many don’t want to take the time to review their policies with their agents.

We like to review and meet with our clients annually so we can review changes that might need to be made etc. Assets and liabilities change so your insurance should be an important part of your annual checkup.

This Tuesday Spotlight I would like to talk about Back Up Sewer Drain Coverage (BUSD) this is an important coverage for those that have basements with drains and sump pumps.

Did you know that raw sewage can backup into your home and cost thousands of dollars in damage?

With systems maxed and heavy rains this can easily happen. Many people opt out of this coverage thinking they live on a hill or they don’t have to worry.

I have a basement and while I don’t have a sump pump I do have a drain and I have had water backup into my basement costing me 15K in damages and I only had 5K in coverage. For I failed to realize that I didn’t increase my coverage after I purchased a new treadmill and sauna. My carpet was replaced and walls were replaced and cleaning and remediation was 5K alone. Everything else I had to take care of out of my pocket.

We had a client have over 50K in damages to her fully furnished basement that only had 25K in coverage. They too failed to meet for their annual review.

It is the policyholders responsibility to notify agents offices when they make upgrades and changes to their home. Agents don’t know if you don’t tell them. Thus that is why at our agency we require an annual review so we can ask you various questions and review your policies so that we can help prepare you and make sure you are covered in the event of a loss.

When was the last time you had a review? Make sure you make this a part of your routine.

And if your agent is not asking you for a review and you want us to review your policy give us a call and we will be glad to help.


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