Fiscal Responsibility/Debt Diet

When is the last time you checked your fiscal responsibility?

Every quarter I like to review my own fiscal responsibility goals. I like to make sure that I am on track for retirement goals, debt goals, savings goals and to just be more fiscally responsible.

Life is about the memories and the experiences and not so much about the stuff. You can’t take the stuff with you when you are old and no longer able to get out and go. As my friend Dale King always says “Each day you wake up closer to death.” When I read that it had a profound effect on me.

Am I doing all that I can do everyday to ensure my security for retirement? Am I being irresponsible and buying stuff when I could be out there doing stuff?

I encourage you all to take a look at your finances, work your goals and plans to get out of debt. Put yourself on a debt diet and put away for the comfort you need at the end. Experience all you can while you can.

Do you really need another expensive purse? Do you really need another set of golf clubs? What else could you be doing with that money? There’s no freedom like the freedom from debt and watching your net worth continue to grow.

If you need help getting on track. We are here to help. We have formulas and programs that will help you get on track so you can start heading in the right path towards your individual goals.

Stop in, call us, email us, message us and we will help.

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