The Healing Book

Did you know that Life Insurance is for the LIVING?

Life Insurance is there so that your spouse and children can stay in the home you worked so hard to provide, pay bills and provide some stability due to loss of income.

Death is always certain, so why during the most difficult time in your loved ones lives would you want to leave them with debt, worry on where they will live or how they will even be able to provide the basic necessities?

During that time you want your loved ones to be able to begin the healing process.

The Donna Wolery Agency and Farmers Insurance provide each beneficiary a book to help during the grief process when it comes to your children.

Not only are we here to help support you during the process, we also want to ensure that after the delivery of your life proceeds that you have some help at home.

If you don’t know about life insurance, don’t even know where to start then we invite you to stop by our office.

Myself and my staff are all here to help you find the perfect fit for your needs.

If you are going thru the grieving process and you aren’t our client and you have children that could benefit from Ellen Sabins “The Healing Book” then please stop by our office and we will give you one. You don’t even have to be our client. We are here to help, for we know all to well that the grieving process should never have to be done alone.

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