Handwritten exudes Style

When was the last time you sat down and penned a handwritten letter or postcard to someone?

I still believe that a personal note or card to someone exudes style and grace and at a minimum manners.

I know I love to receive something in the mail that has been handwritten. I will personally open a card or a letter from my pen pal or foreign exchange student that went back home and last but not least what about those letters from summer camp friends?

Still to this day 30 years later I still have friendships that are kept alive by handwritten cards or notes.

Everyone knows that I love to talk on the phone because its my job and I love it. But more than anything I still love the thrill of picking out note cards, stationary, and most of all stamps.

I still go to the local Post Office and by $300.00 worth of stamps every month and make my post master show me all the new stamps that have arrived. He actually likes the fact that I still come into the office to purchase.

He gets a smile on his face when I approach the window and say “What’s new? Where’s my new stamps?”

I like to pick them for the season and put thought into it.

If you are my client then you know that you will always receive a handwritten thank you card if you drop off a gift or refer me a new client or for birthdays and holidays.

Why you ask?? Well when you pen something to someone then it shows that you care, it shows that you have taken the time to sit down and unplug and choose your words wisely.

It ignites the creativity portion of your brain, honors tradition, and one of my favorite reasons is that it is tangible. Long after I am gone my handwriting will still be around if someone chooses to keep the card or note.

Email, voicemail, texting will never be the same as writing or receiving a handwritten piece of mail.

I urge you to unplug this summer, spend some time with yourself thinking and take the time to write a note to someone you care about. I guarantee you will more than enjoy that time spent.

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