Price Vs. Cost

Most people think that company to company, that all insurance is created equal.

I can tell you that all insurance is not created equal. And if you are shopping on price, is that really the end cost?

If I quote your insurance and you say you can get it cheaper elsewhere does that really mean that it’s the same coverage?

Most people don’t even know what they have or don’t have until it comes time for a claim.

I urge everyone to really develop a relationship with their agent. For your agent is the one you will need in the end run.

Does your agent give you their personal cell phone for after hours? Can you call them at home? Can you reach them on social avenues?

My agency has over 70 years of combines experience. We don’t ever just take the minimum continuing education courses and we are constantly staying abridge in the industry.

And we most certainly can be reached anytime thru many avenues.

When is the last time you were asked to sit down and talk to your agent for a review? We meet with our clients annually. Just as the doctor likes to see you annually for a check up.

You owe it to yourself and your family to make sure you are properly covered and as our client we owe it to your to give you our undivided attention to detail.

Because in the end the cost is… You get what you pay for.

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