The Gift of Mothers Day…

Every year I find it so hard to find the perfect gift for my mom on Mothers day.

As she gets older she doesn’t need anything and when asked she always says just your time and a card is all I need.

As far as I can remember all my mother ever has wanted for Mothers Day is always a card. The one thing you better do is either make one, buy one, or write something  on a piece of paper.

I have ALWAYS gotten my mother a card and when I was little I would always make her card in which she still has a box today.

This year I have decided that I am going to revert back to childhood and make her a card but it will be a grown up card. Thanking her for everything she has done for me. Thanking her for her sacrifices she made as a single mother. I can’t wait to see my mothers face when she gets the handmade card and the heartfelt writing. Most importantly my mother is and always will be my biggest supporter, my confidante and best friend.

If you are lucky to have your mother still with you here on this earth. Please spend time with her and let her know how much you appreciate her because no one will ever love you like your mother.

Happy Mothers Day

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