Where have the past 19 years gone?

As I embark on my 19th year of being a Farmers Insurance Agency owner I still speak with a sense of pride and a full heart knowing it was the best decision I ever made.

It’s hard to believe that I was 26 when I stepped out and took the leap of faith of being an entrepreneur. Many changes over the past 19 years. The smartphone was launched, social network and the collapse of subprime mortgages to state just a few changes that have happened along the way.

The one thing that has remained constant in my past 19 years of being an agent is my loyal clients, my fellow agents, staff, friends and family support. Without them I would not have been able to remain on this life passionate journey of mine. Folks that know me know that I love the insurance industry and I love my clients. I feel what makes my agency a cut above the rest is our customer service experience.

It is with great joy and enthusiasm that each and everyday I am allowed to wake up and smell the opportunities, and walk thru the doors of my agency that gives me so much energy to learn and always reach for higher goals. I have reached amazing goals year after year within my agency. Each year I am reaching and striving to be the best agent I can be for my clients and serve them well.

In closing I owe a heart felt THANK YOU to all of you that have allowed me to be your agent, that have mentored me in my field and have cheered me along the way. I look forward to my next 19 years and beyond with enthusiasm and more excitement than ever before. I am fully engaged and ready to charge year number 20 and I appreciate you all joining me in my journey. Here’s to many more decades of learning, sharing and earning your trust and taking care of your needs. I am truly humbled and blessed.


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