Is your smartphone more valuable than your life?

Recently I was at the coffee shop having a conversation with some folks about all the tech devices we have today and how everyone has one. I decided to take a poll and ask how many of them had insurance on their tech devices should they drop them in water or break from some kind of upset. Everyone sitting in that round table conversation stated of course are you crazy? These items are expensive.

I then looked at them and said ” How many of you have life insurance?” Only ONE told me that they had some sort of life insurance on their self only and not on any other family member.

I was truly shocked with the answer. I asked, “Do you think your smartphone is more valuable than your life? Obviously you do if you are not covering your life which I think is the most important to any family.”

If you are a breadwinner in your family how are they going to replace your income and live if you are not there? Life insurance can not only just serve death benefits it can also provide living benefits when needed as well.

So I ask you all~if you don’t have life insurance but yet you have insurance on your “things’ please take a minute and step back and reevaluate and analyze and ask yourself why  do you value your things more than your family?

If you need help, if you don’t know where to start on a conversation please give me a call or one of my staff members a call. We are here to help you find a way. Because the most important policy you will ever buy or we will ever offer is LIFE insurance.

Insure the things you LOVE!

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