Would you Insure an ATM machine?

If I I were a betting person and you had an ATM machine in your home you would put insurance on that machine in a flat second. Am I right?

Ask yourself something.  If you would put insurance on an ATM machine why would you not insure the human working machine that earns income and is bringing it into the household? If you have a family or a spouse then you owe it to them to buy LIFE insurance.  Did you know that you could buy a policy today in most cases  for less than the cost of one pizza a month.

Your family wont have to worry about a roof over their head should something happen to you, or how they are going to continue to survive without your income. They should have time to grieve not time to worry about how they are going to survive when you are gone.

One thing in life is for certain we are all going to leave this world at some point and time. It may not be today and it may not be tomorrow but it will be someday and I would like to think that I have made at least a small attempt to help folks be prepared so that they don’t leave their families unprepared.

If you don’t know how or where to start when it comes to obtaining life insurance coverage please give me a call , stop in  and we will sit down and have a real conversation.  I guarantee when you leave you will feel better knowing that you have spent valuable time with an experienced agent providing you with solid , sound advice.  We are here to help and welcome that opportunity.

Give us a call 740-355-0888

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