I Won the Lottery in Southern Ohio

Just kidding… even though it’s a great dream and thought.

Like everyone else I bought a ticket. However, I like to think that I really did win the lottery when I decided to get my own lottery and financial blueprint mapped out.

I know that the odds are so high that I am sure I will never win the Ohio Lottery. However, I do know that I had to come up with my own sort of lottery system for when the time comes for retirement and business succession later in life.

I have systematic savings, investments and life insurance and systematic debt reduction plans in place.

Its important that each one of us do this and take a look at our plans at least annually.  So that you can see your blueprint in working order and your eye on the end goal.

If you need help with just starting your financial blueprint and have questions please give our office a call, stop in and have a real conversation. We are here to help and assist make your life a whole lot easier.


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