Merry Christmas from our #Farmily to yours

Farmily??? You might think its a typo on our part.

However, it is not. What is Farmily? Farmily is the term we use for our Farmers Insurance Family.  Which includes you! Our clients, our extended family.

I have always felt that inside our organization, that Farmers is truly a Family. Agents helping Agents.

Agents helping clients. Agents building relationships with corporate employees, underwriters, adjusters and beyond.

We truly feel that Farmers is it’s own Family~ hence this is where the word Farmily was formed.

Never in my years as an agent have I not felt that my clients were not like family. When I opened my doors I always wanted clients treated like family and when they walk thru our doors they feel that sense of family pride.

I invite you to stop in and visit, have a cup of coffee, and take the time to get to know us again. We guarantee that before you leave you will feel like FARMILY.

My Christmas Wish for you all is to take time out with your own family and enjoy one another. For time is the best gift you can ever give.

Merry Christmas!

Enjoy these photos of us with our Farmily and feel free to share photos of you and yours!

Donna Wolery with Commercial Client, Friend, and fellow Business Owner, Sharma Brown
Farmers Auto claims Adjuster and Friend Cal Warren with Donna.
Donna Leslie
Fellow Farmers Agent and Friend Leslie Cox and Donna at a Farmers Agent Event.

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