Does your current agent give you the personal attention you deserve?

Does your current agent give you the personal attention you deserve?

With social media and the changes in todays fast paced environment clients are being overlooked.

We at the Wolery Agency still operate the old fashioned way.

Yes we are on twitter, facebook, instagram, web and you can call and text us anytime because we want to be accessible to our clients.

However, when it comes to personalized attention we have over 82 years of combined service that we offer our clients.

We are insurance professionals. We spend time with our clients. We aren’t selling cars or extended warranties and insurance as an afterthought , we aren’t selling banking products and then insurance as an afterthought. WE  offer sound insurance advice and that is our specialty. Strictly  INSURANCE !

We value the insurance industry and spend 100s of hours each year beyond the minimum requirement to stay on top of the changing industry.

So if you want one on one time with your agent and value a relationship then give us a call and see the difference.

We aren’t doing anything else but taking the time to listen to your needs and help you with a detailed

Insurance package to fit your coverage needs.   

I guarantee you will love the difference when you walk thru our office doors and if you don’t want to come to the office then we still do insurance the old fashioned way and come to you.  Yes~ we still make housecalls.

We welcome the opportunity to show you the difference that you have been missing.

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