As I sit and think of the incredible weekend I just encountered and memories that were made. I realized that I needed to share with my clients and friends.

This past weekend I had the honor to host another all womens family event in my hometown at The Lofts here in Portsmouth. In which we call it the Estrogen Summitt

The weekend symbolizes my efforts to continue a tradition in which started in my favorite Aunts dining room five years ago with just a group of family and friends all being strong women.

I am so blessed to  belong to this #tribe as my cousin Nan states. The one thing I know is that life is incredibly short and its totally up to each individual as to what is important. Material things are not important but relationships are. Because in the end no one ever says. I wish I had one more pair of shoes ,purse or materialistic item.  Rather they wished they spent more time with the people that meant something to them.

My cousin Nan brought a presentation to the event about a young man that is making a difference in the world all bye a promise card.. I highly suggest you go to this young mans website and read about him.


Everyone loved Nans presentation and I really feel like this  was our best event yet.

In  a nut shell you make a promise on the card and you hold one and give one to someone else that will hold you accountable. For example…. I sent one out today to my cousin that simply states~ I will spend more meaningful one on one time with you  ~ and with that I felt that I need to make a promise to each and everyone of my clients as well. ~ Because I said I would~ I will be there for you in your time of need or if you just need someone to listen and help..  

It is my hope that everyone takes the initiative to follow thru with this movement. In a world of selfies and so much “all about me world” I would like to see more about one another.

I will follow thru with my promises because I said I would. And I like to think that I am a  a woman of her word.

In closing I hope that all of you deepen and widen your relationships and spend time with the ones  you love.  In the end you will have wished you did.  LIVE WITH NO REGRETS  


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