Your answer to me when I ask you about Life Insurance is …. Oh I have Life insurance with my employer… Great but do you really know what you have?

Most life insurance policies are a term product with your employer and they will only cover accidental

So what happens if you die of cancer or another terminal illness?  Well that simply means you don’t have any life coverage at all.

For example I recently sat down with a client that wanted to review all his policies and I came to the Life insurance piece and he signed off stating he doesn’t need any he has coverage at work.

I always encourage folks to buy as much as they can with work but ALWAYS purchase a policy on their own that they own and have control over. I have always felt that your work policy is a bonus.

Now here comes the rest of the story… Client comes in this past week. Not only has he lost his job hence lost his life insurance coverage because he no longer works for his employer due to lay offs and low and behold he has now been diagnosed with cancer.  My client wants to see me about that life policy he now needs for his wife and his four kids because he has a terminal illness.

Guess what the outcome is???? My client now has no option. He is now medically uninsurable.

There is nothing worse than the news  I had to deliver to my client. There is nothing I can now offer him and he has to face his family knowing that he is going to not only leave them with burial experiences but  they are going to have to worry about how they are going to keep the roof over their heads and the essentials .

I know many clients feel that agents are just pushing life insurance to make the extra sale. That is simply not the case. LIFE insurance is for the living. Life insurance is so that families can stay in their homes. Life insurance is for peace of mind while your family is grieving so they don’t have to worry about how your family is going to survive after your loved one passes.

If you rely on your life insurance 100% through your employer I would encourage you to explore additional options such as your own individual plan.  I would welcome the opportunity to sit down with you and your family to discuss and review your options.  If you are looking for life insurance in Southern, Ohio are we can help!!!

Below is an article on this topic for review.

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