We love our Collectible Auto’s in Southern Ohio!

Here at Farmers Insurance the Donna Wolery Agency we love our collectible autos and the great clients who own them!

Farmers Group of Companies includes Foremost Insurance who’s Collectible Auto Program is underwritten by J.C. Taylor of Upper Darby, PA. J.C. Taylor is a general managing agency involved with the antique auto business since the 1950s. J. C. Taylor is nationally known for supporting the hobby through its quality service, specialty product and involvement with local and national clubs.

Collectible Auto’s aren’t for everyday driving and our Collectible enthusiast wouldn’t dream of driving their cars unless its sunny and 75 degrees. These special automobiles are reserved for Shows and parades along with an occasional Sunday drive to keep all the parts working properly. Collectible autos are more than just Antique cars, they include;

  • Antiques
  • Replicars
  • Muscle Cars
  • Classics
  • Customs
  • Woodies
  • Exotics
  • Hot rods
  • Kit cars
  • Foreign and American Sport cars

Owners of these vehicles put time, effort and usually a lot of money into their cars. It’s not just a standard vehicle and that’s why specialty insurance is so important.

An Antique auto is a vehicle that is 25 years and older.

A classic car is considered a vehicle 19 to 24 years old.

A modified automobile is simply a vehicle modified from its original condition. This includes autos that are  chopped, channeled, lowered, chromed, Frenched or flamed or it;s powered by a flathead, hemi, mouse motor, side oiler, Caddy or an Olds rocket.

A street rod is a vehicle manufactured prior to 1949 whose body, chassis, engine suspension or interior has been modified.

A customized/modified vehicle is manufactured after 1948, which is at least 20 years old and has been altered from its original condition.

A replicar is a commercially assembled reproduction of any motor vehicle at least 25 years old.

Kit Cars are a representation motor vehicle at least 25 years old consisting separately manufactured components that are assembled by the purchaser.

Exotic Vehicles are considered to be increasing in value rather than depreciating because of its specific make, model year of manufacture and exceptional physical condition.

So if you are a proud owner of one of the above type of vehicles and would like to talk about the coverage you need please give our office a call 740-355-0888.

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