2015 Scioto County Fair

It’s the week of August 10th-15th and it’s time for the Scioto County Fair!

If your from Scioto county Ohio then you are familiar with the Scioto County Fair.  According to records the first fair in Scioto County was held in 1828 by the Agricultural and Horticultural Society. There have been numerous Fairs in the county throughout the years. In 1908 three of the fairs merged under the name of Scioto County Agricultural Society and the Lucasville Fair we know and love today was born.

The smells of the food, the sounds of laughter, the joy of the rides and the great entertainment all for $8 per person age 2 and up, is a deal for the price.

Gates Open 10:00am Monday & 8am Tuesday-Saturday

Grandstand Shows are included in $8 ticket price!

All Show times are Approximate

Rides are by Michael’s Amusements

Rides run from 12:00 noon to 5:00pm & 6:00pm to 11:00pm Monday-Thursday

12:00 noon to 5:00pm & 6:00pm to 12:00 midnight Friday & Saturday

This years Grandstand Entertainment Schedule is;

Monday August 10th

motocrossFreestyle Motorcross Championship 8:00pm

Tuesday August 11th

Willis ClanThe Willis Clan 8:00pm

Wednesday August 12th

swon brothersThe Swon Brothers 8:00pm

Thursday August 13th

circusCircus Continental 2:00pm and 8:00pm

Friday August 14th

loan starLone Star 8:00pm

Saturday August 15th

demolition DerbyCalvalcade Of Thrills Demolition Derby 5:00pm

Don’t forget to check out the many buildings which house Livestock, 4-H projects, Farm Products (Culinary & Needlework), School exhibits, vendors and much more!

For more information visit the Scioto County Fair website here

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