“Dude, can I borrow your car?”

For many college students deciding on a college means being able to have a car on campus. University parking permits can cost a student anywhere from $50 to $1000, depending on the size of your campus. Many parents put an end to the car conversation immediately, with a big, fat, “NO!”. But others, could never leave their baby stranded on campus with no means of transportation. Before sending your child off to college I encourage you all to have the talk about car insurance.

Most teenagers that have their own cars are actually in the name of their parent or guardian and insurance is as follows. Make sure you cover all ends of your auto policy, explaining with scenarios and consequences.

Within the first two weeks of being on campus, the kid from your statistics class, the girl down the hall, or your roommate will ask, “Can you run me to this place?” and when you can’t always tend to their every need the next question most likely follow, “Well can I borrow your car?” If you are pleasing person you will want to say yes to everyone, because you want to make friends, but unfortunately your insurance policy does not cover all your friends.

Insurance will always be there when you need it, but it only covers your own mistakes. When your friend wrecks your car, it is your insurance that takes the hit. Do not wait until your son or daughter lends out their keys and they are calling you crying over their car in pieces to discuss your auto policy.

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