My first apartment

As a college student I hear a endless of statements over the course of the academic year from other campus residents complaining about housekeeping, food service, price, and of course rules. When the time for housing lottery rolls around they try and convince all their friends to move off campus with them in a neighborhood apartment or a big house off north High Street.

But one thing that they cannot compare to living on campus is the safety level. As a campus resident, no one is going to break into your dorm room, destroy your things, or catch on fire.

Residence Life offices put certain policies in place so that there is less risk opportunity. Unfortunately every landlord is not like the ResLife office, and when moving off campus students put themselves at risk for disaster. This is where renter’s insurance falls perfectly into place.

Renter’s Insurance will provide coverage for things that are valuable to you and that would be hard to replace if you were to lose them. From furniture to clothes and everything in between. But, like any insurance, you never think you will need it until you actually really need it!

If your friends, family, or yourself are starting out in their first apartment next fall, take the time to remind them about Farmer’s and how our Renter’s Insurance policies are worth giving up the third pair of shoes they buy every month or a couple Thursday night bar tabs.

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