Don’t Wait for Someday

I receive 1-2 calls a week where someone finally understands the importance of life insurance and they call our office looking for help and we unfortunately can’t help them.

The reason why we can’t help you ask? Well they waited for someday when they needed it and now they cannot purchase it due to health issues.

For example I took a call where a young father was diagnosed with cancer and now they are worried and know they just need something for a burial fund and to leave something behind for their family so they can survive. I then had to proceed to advise this young father that I was unable to help and he would be hard pressed to find someone that could even offer him anything. And of course he replied with “I wish I would have taken care of this sooner.”

Unfortunately, when you become medically un-insurable that is when you better have some sort of coverage in place and not scramble for it after the face. It’s that after the face that you cannot purchase coverage and you are faced with letting your family know that there is nothing there to help with the financial burden on top of the already emotional burden that is there.

My job is to help educate and have real conversations with clients that need to understand the many benefits of life insurance.

I have personally made it my goal and challenge this year to speak to 100 families and either educate them or at lease at a minimum get them on a path of having some coverage in place.

I know these conversations are painful and no one wants to have them. However, it will be more painful if you have to turn to your family and tell them that you have not provided for them.

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