Mothers Day Weekend & TOSRV (Tour of the Scioto River Valley)

I love this time of year as I know this weekend always ushers in springtime for me.

In our community not only does Mothers Day Weekend mean something special for everyone  but for folks in Southern Ohio it also means the bicyclers are coming to town.


I LOVE to see all the l bicycle riders grace our community as they come across the second street bridge into our town as this event brings up to 2500 bicycles touring our local community.

This year marks 54 years of  what began  as a father-son outing and has quickly turned into the Nations largest bicycle tour.


The  traditional TOSRV start and finish is at the Ohio Statehouse in downtown Columbus. Since the TOSRV route runs along the Scioto River Valley between Columbus and Portsmouth, our Saturday overnight location, it avoids the large hills of southern Ohio. The first 50 miles south of Columbus include some slight grades, and there are a series of short, steeper grades south of the Chillicothe Lunch Stop from mile 50 to mile 65. The remaining miles to Portsmouth are relatively flat for a total of 105 miles (169 kilometers) for the day. The Full Tour returns to Columbus on Sunday retracing the previous day’s route.use te of 105 miles.


I am so glad to see this tradition year in and year out~ I like to met the folks that come in from all over.

I like to see the extra activity in our area and our parks utilized with bands playing and bicyclers enjoying the local food/fare and the community coming together welcoming folks to our area.

For more information please visit  and don’t forget to share the roads and watch out for the cyclers.

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