What do you think its Worth to have a Personal Agent?

Recently , I sat down with a client during their annual insurance checkup and they said to me.

“ You know people cant pay enough for customer service”  He stated that he appreciated that I took the time to educate and connect with him on a level that you cant get from the internet or from  a phone call.

He didn’t care that maybe he could purchase his policies elsewhere for less because he VALUED the service and expertise of my 78 years of combined sales and claims service that we provide in our agency.

I took that statement as one of the highest compliments I could ever be paid.

I pridemyself and my agency on HITS (honor,integrity, trust, service) and lets not forget Loyalty.

I can’t thank my LOYAL clients enough~ they are the lifeblood of my agency, they stay with me year in and year out. They refer not only their family members , friends and collegues . And my clients are generational and to me that speaks volumes.

So I challenge you all ~ What is it worth to you when it comes to protection?

When you go online and pick your own coverages do you really know what you are doing? Have you had years of training, continuing education, a college degree in insurance to know what you are really doing?

You don’t want to find out that you didn’t protect yourself correctly when it comes time for a claim.

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