Reality Fair/ Real World, Real Money

I love to volunteer and as a part of the Wolery Insurance agency, volunteer work is supported and encouraged.

There are two wonderful programs ran by different agencies here in our community that I take part in every year. One is the Reality Fair put on by Desco Federal Credit Union and the other is the Real World, Real Money which is sponsored by 4H.

They are very similar programs in which the student picks the job they think they are interested in. Then they research that job and what education they need along with education costs and eventual salary. In the end they have a monthly Net amount which they use to pay bills, housing costs, insurance, food, and extras like pets, cable, and vacations. If they end the month with a positive balance then great lesson learned. If they finish in the negative they can go back and take off extra expenses and even downsize homes or vehicles.

I feel like this is a great learning tool and think more schools should use it. To see the looks on the faces of these children as they learn what its like to pay bills and have student debt is priceless. These are lessons they will carry with them throughout life. It’s so much fun to spend time with these kids and a gift to make a different in their lives.

Thank you for allowing me to volunteer my time!

Jeannie Yates



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