Employee Celebration

I have always believed that your agency is only as good as your team.

I pride myself on surrounding myself with great employees because without them I can’t grow nor can

I provide more jobs for more folks in our community.

Today we celebrate 5 years of service for my office manager Jeannie Yates.

Most of my clients don’t really know Jeannies story. But I’m here to tell it..

Jeannie has been my client since she could drive at the age of 16. She always came in and paid

Her insurance premium every month with a great bubbly attitude and I always thought. Wow what

A super responsible kid. She paid her own car insurance and worked and went to school. In all my years I had never seen that and I admired her for being so responsible at such a young age.

One day she came into the office  and paid her bill and she realized that I had a change in staff here as I had my main CSR pass away suddenly and my producer had left to help a family member so I was in need of a CSR. Jeannie had mentioned that she knew I needed help and would be willing to help me until I could find a replacement.  I was so delighted and said that’s great can you start now?  I threw her on thephones, showed her how to take a payment and said I will talk to you at the end of the week to see how you like it.

At the end of the week I went to her and she said. Hey I didn’t go to college for this but I like it and I will stay as long as you need me. I got her licensed in all lines and so the story goes she is here now five years later. Remaining extrememly loyal as she has had many job offers since but yet remains my loyal employee. I am so very blessed to have her here at my agency. She loves what she does, she loves our clients and can take care of the office when I am not here. It has been such a privelage to have her here at the agency and I cant imagine her not being here.  It is my hope that she stays until the day one of us dies.  I truly feel that we are a family right here in our agency and it shows.

Please help me congratulate my Office Manager and friend Jeannie for her past five years of service and wish her many more years of continued success. For in todays world it is extremely hard to find a loyal employee that has the integrity and passion for an employers business and treat it as if it was her own.

Thank you Jeannie for all your extra effort and hard work and being so great to our clients and most importantly being such a great employee and friend. We are truly blessed.

2015-03-26 14.30.58Jeannie TeenJeannie Farmers

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