Why I ASK?

A lot of my clients always ask me the question as to why I always ask about LIFE insurance and if they have any .

My Passion and Purpose for always Asking…is simple..  Life insurance is important. Its something that comes alive at a time when a family needs it most. Its so that the children are able to stay in their home and not have to worry about where the next meal is coming from or the mortgage payment, car payment , college fund.

As a an agent I learned a very hard lesson. I had someone close to me that also worked for me~ and  I never asked them if they had life insurance. I never had that serious talk about Life insurance.  As No one wants to talk about death but unfortunately everyone is gonna die. And you never know when that time may be and putting things off doesn’t make it just go away.

My friend died suddenly and when it came time for the funeral expenses  guess what??  There was NO life insurance and because I was an agent and NEVER asked you can not imagine the horrible guilt that I felt at that moment in time and continue to feel. I felt just like fellow agent Richard Wells did as he posted in the video below.

The only thing I could do at the time was write a check to cover some of the cost. In which I would have rather of been able  handed the family a life proceeds check to not only cover those expenses but for the family to also be able to not have to sell things in order to cover every day expenses from the loss of that persons income. It truly placed such a hardship on that family that they have never really been able to recover from it.

From that moment on I made a pledge to myself,  clients, employees , friends and family that I would ask everyone  if they had LIFE insurance and if they didn’t that I would continue to ask until they did one or two things. A) tell me to stop   or    B) had that serious conversation with me.

If you dont know where to start and you need help we are here for you anytime. You can facebook ,message, email ,text, call.  I gaurantee we will be there to answer at anytime.

After all LIFE is that important.

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