Employee Spotlight- Tara Givens

My name is Tara Givens and I have been with the Donna Wolery Farmers Insurance Agency since July of 2013. I started out as a marketer and then became a licensed agent, still working on marketing but also acting as the customer service representative when needed.


I am a recent graduate of Shawnee State University, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Long-Term Care Administration and looking to gain employment in a long-term care facility, eventually wanting to be a nursing home administrator, as I have already obtained my license to practice in the state of Ohio as a nursing home administrator. I am also a 2011 graduate of Ohio University with a Bachelors of Art.

My passion is working with residents in long term care homes, I continue to assist in coordinating the Senior Olympics that gives seniors in long term care homes and in the community a chance to interact with others, play games, listen to entertainment and just get out and have some fun. I get great joy in knowing that I can help another person out, even if it’s not directly. My educational experience and internship had confirmed my passion and now that I am graduated, I am ready to pursue my career.

I love working for the Donna Wolery Farmers Insurance Agency, getting to know the clients and helping them with all of their insurance needs. The office is so homelike and clients are really treated like family. If I didn’t have my passion in another field, I would continue to stay on, but insurance is just not my passion. When I started over a year and half ago, I really didn’t understand insurance, other than I needed it and that it was a protective layer that you hope you will never need but it’s good to have if something would happen to your property or yourself. I now feel more comfortable with majority of the aspects of insurance and do love helping others understand and get them the coverage they need.

As much as I am looking forward to gaining employment in a long term care home, I’m not looking forward to ending my employment with the Donna Wolery Farmers Insurance Agency. When I do gain new employment, I do look forward to continue working for the Donna Wolery Farmers Insurance Agency a few days a week if my new job makes it possible. You won’t find another agency where they truly care about their clients and do all that they can do to make sure their clients have the right coverage.

.  tara stand

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