You Died… Your family is coming into my office…What do you want me to tell them?

You Died… Your family is coming into my

office.. What do you want me to tell them?

As your insurance agent I can do one of two things when you pass and your family arrives at my office;

  • Provide a life proceeds check to your family for properly placed coverage or 2) when you family shows up and want to know about what you have in place If you don’t have a life policy in force then I can give them a donation . Personally, I would rather give your family a life proceeds check so they can properly bury you, and be able to stay in the home that you have worked so hard to provide for them and provide some security and comfort.

Time and Time again I see too many Go Fund Me accounts set up, in which the company that handles these accounts get some of the donation money for operation expenses… Wouldn’t you rather all the money go to your family in time of need?   With the plethora amount of Life policies available on the market place today there is no reason why someone should burden their family with not only grief from your death but the added stress and grief of how they are going to pay for funeral expenses and

Household expenses now that your income is gone.

I wonder where the priorities are with folks today?  Everyone has the latest and greatest gadgets and has insurance on them but yet wont place insurance on the most important in our lives We value everyone’s life.. No one said you have to leave your family with the jackpot but don’t leave them with nothing.

If you need help figuring a value on your life… give us a call that is what we do best. Let us show you how you can protect your family with the right coverage to fit your needs.

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