We Have Our Very Own Smartphone App!!!

We have just launched our own smartphone app for iPhone and Android users!

App Phone

This app will streamline your ability to communicate with Donna and her staff! You’ll have access to our staff email addresses, be able to text message staff and even request quotes! This is our virtual business card, you can refer friends and family to us via this app. Just send them the link that will be mentioned below and they can follow the steps and will  be able to get in touch with us!

To download the app, there are two options listed below:

To download from your phone:

1. Go to donnawolery.insurancetapp.com

2. Follow the Add to Home Screen instructions.

3. Open the app and fill out the information.

You now have the app and can communicate with us!

To download via the internet:

1. Go to donnawolery.insurancetapp.com on your browser.

2. Fill in you name and cell number.

3. You will receive a text from an area (425) number. Go to the link that is in the text message.

4. You will just need to follow the steps from the download to your phone instructions.

We feel that this app will help us better serve our customers than before. Instead of needing to hunt through your contacts to find our number or a phone book, just go to our app and you have all of our contact information at a touch of a button.

If you should have any questions, you can always call the office at (740) 355-0888. We are extremely excited about this smartphone app and we hope you are too!!

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