Wolery Family

When I quit asking you about life insurance then you truly know that I don’t care about you!

Yep, that’s right if I am not asking you about life insurance then I don’t care about you any longer.

I know I sound like a broken record but its truly the best gift you can give your family.

Time and Time again I watch families not only devastated by the loss of their loved one but also devastated and at a loss for words trying to scramble for how they are going to keep gas in the car, the mortgage paid, the essentials that are needed to keep a family going day to day in a household.

If you cant make it now on the income you have coming into a household then how the heck are you going to really be able to exsist should one of the family members that contributes to the household income should pass away?

Life insurance is not lottery winnings. Life insurance is so that your son and daughter can stay in the home that you have provided them and not worry where the next meal is going to be on the table.

Life insurance is for the living~. I am so thankful that my father whom died at the young age of 34 and left my mother with 3 young kids under the age of 13 provided our family with life insurance.

My mother was able to mourn not only the loss of her highschool sweetheart of 15 years , she was able to keep us in our family home without that being one more worry on her plate.

If there is anything I owe my father besides bringing me into this world is a BIG FAT THANK YOU because he loved my mother and he loved us and he realized that each day you must be prepared for the

Ones you might leave behind.

wolery family2

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