The Issues with all Smart Phone Social Media Apps.

The internet over the past few weeks has been blowing up
with people having concerns with the new Facebook Messenger App. Facebook is
trying to make a better communication app for the users of the social media. I
know my newsfeed has had a lot of posts about not to download it if you want
them to make calls or text friends without your knowledge or use the camera to
spy on you.

Smart phone apps

If you have a smartphone, which majority of the American
population does, you most likely have apps like Instagram, Twitter, Google, Facebook
and other apps. Take a moment to look at the permissions they ask. Majority of
them will ask to have permission to access your photos and camera. This is to
be able to let you post those selfies that you either have stored on your phone
or take at a moments notice. Most of them ask to have access to you contacts,
that way you can find your best friend or peers more quickly via the information
you have stored in your contacts list. They ask permission to know your
location when you post things, pretty much they know everything that you put on
your phone and on the web.

The Facebook Messenger is no different than these, it needs
your permission to have access to your phone. According to PC World and PC Mag,
Facebook is wanting to give it’s users a better experience by separating the
messenger from the Facebook App.

Facebook messenger picture.

In my personal experience with the Facebook Messenger App, I like it. Being a seperate entity doesn’t make it an inconvenience. I still get a notification in the Facebook App that I have a message, when i press on the message icon, it opens up the messenger app for me and there I am, chatting away. I have come to terms with the permissions that all of my social media apps have, most of my contacts in my phone are on the same social media sites and I am friends with them on those sites.

If you have a presence on the internet, you do not have 100% privacy.

Visit these sites for more information:,2817,2465789,00.asp

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