Live For The Important

live for the important

Think about it. We all with hopefully get to that point of retirement someday…And that is the last quarter of your life cycle aka the end run.

I have come to realize that as a society we are all living for the now, over planning for the end.

If you want something and you can’t pay for it you use a credit card. What happened to the days of saving and paying cash for it?

Have you ever thought about what your actions today would impact on your lifestyle in the future?

If you are not saving and if you are not doing the right things now to preserve then here’s a clue… YOU WILL NOT HAVE A RETIREMENT! If you don’t have life insurance then what will your family do? Will they be homeless? Will they have to move in with a family member?

I know that most people don’t intend to leave their families behind without any financial support but it happens, I know that most people think that there is always time to make up for retirement or depend on social security or a pension plan, but it happens and there you are ~ you have nothing…

It is our responsibility to ourselves to have a fiduciary responsibility and management of our finances and our families well being.

If you are living and looking at what is important in the NOW moment, I ask you to please look at your financial situation and know where you stand and know that if something happens how will your family survive? Can they go to college, will they have a home to live in? Will they be able to keep the car? Don’t let your now priorities for the latest cell phone or gym membership take priority over paying for life insurance to protect your families future or your own retirement. Don’t let everything else in society dictate how your going to live in the end or let your family live, should you pass suddenly.

I am challenging you all to live for the important and not for the immediate ~ Do what it takes to get your financial house in order~


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