Don’t fall into an Insurance Black Hole!

Could you have gaps in your insurance coverage?

Did you know the typical bathroom remodel is about $16,000? A kitchen Remodel is about $20,000. If you made additions or renovations since you last updated your policy, you may not have enough coverage in the event of a loss.

know gaps2

I am in the middle of building a new house. My husband is a Millwright and I am an Office Manager/Agent, we’re by no means wealthy. Between ourselves and various family members and friends we have done all the work on this house ourselves! I was amazed to find out we needed to spend over $2,000 just in materials for the drywall. Not including the labors we had to hire to get the job done correctly. Materials really add up!

know gaps3

Were you aware that the standard homeowners or renters insurance policy may not fully cover valuables like engagement rings, collectables, or firearms?

know gaps1

I know personally I have a ring that we would never be able to replace but I sleep better at night knowing I could afford to buy another one should it be stolen or lost in a fire. My husband is an avid hunter so we have quite a few firearms including some from his childhood that have serious sentimental value. We are also big antique collectors.

know gaps4

Not only could you have gaps in your home or renters insurance but it’s probably a good idea to take a look at your current auto policies too!

About 30% of drivers don’t have enough insurance and about 12.6% have none at all in Ohio. If an accident occurs and the uninsured driver is at fault, they may not be able to pay for you or your passengers’ injuries. Not to mention the damages to your vehicle.

jeannies car b4

Don’t forget about other extra coverage like towing and rental reimbursement. Every company is different and so is every policy, so make sure to go over your coverage and make sure you have everything you need.

I personally had a bad experience with an uninsured motorist. I was hit head on and I’m thankful just to be alive. My two year old car that I owed too much on was totaled. I was injured and off work for almost a month. If I hadn’t had Uninsured Motorist coverage, Medical Payments, and Rental Reimbursement I would have really been in trouble. I’m thankful my boss who has been my insurance agent since I was 16 had already automatically given me all the right coverage before I even knew I might need it.

jeannies car2

Know the Gaps in your policies and avoid falling into the insurance black hole of “I’m sorry that’s not covered. But, if you had chosen this policy instead it would have been.”

Thank you Donna Wolery for being the great Agent you are and making sure I had the coverage I needed!

Donna Wolery

If your afraid you don’t have the right or enough coverage we would be happy to do a review with you and your current policies.

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