discountWe, at Farmers Insurance, are very proud of the services we offer our clients…

In saying that, does your Insurance Company give you a discount just because of your chosen profession????

WE DO!!!

Here at Farmers we provide a discount for the following:


 Educators ~ 10% Discount ~ Currently credentialed K – 12 teachers, principals and superintendents. Full-time College or University professors and instructors.
Engineers ~ 10% Discount ~ Persons with a Bachelor degree, Master degree or PhD degree in Engineering. Persons with a license to practice as an engineer.

Firefighters ~ 10% Discount ~ Full-time, currently active Firefighters commissioned by a city, county, state or federal firefighting agency recognized in Ohio.
Physicians/Surgeons ~ 10% Discount ~ Persons currently licensed to practice as a Pharmacist, Physician, Psychiatrist, Psychologist or Surgeon in Ohio or are current members of Ohio State Medical Association.
Police Officers/Law Enforcement Officers ~ 10% Discount ~ Persons who are active, full-time, sworn law enforcement officers commissioned by a city, county, state, or federal law enforcement agency recognized in Ohio.
Registered Nurses ~ 10% ~ Persons licensed to practice as a registered nurse with Ohio Nurses Board or members of the Ohio Registered Nurses Association.
Scientists ~ 10% Discount ~ Persons with a Bachelor of Science degree, Master of Science degree or PhD degree in one of the following fields: Actuarial Science, Astronomy, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Cybernetics, Ecology, Genetics, Geology, Geophysics, Mathematics, Meteorology, Neuroscience, Physics, Physiology, Oceanography, Planetary Systems, Statistics.
If your current Insurance Company is not offering you a discount for your profession, please give us a call TODAY so we can give you a free quote, while at the same time, thank you for your hard work by giving you a 10% discount!!!

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