lossSoapbox time again,

In the last two weeks I have had three people close to me or close to my family who have passed away. Not one of them had life insurance.

Three completely different situations for three completely different loved ones.

The first a family friend who I have called uncle my whole life. He was diagnosed with advanced stage cancer and given three months to live… He lived three days. His poor dear mother has now lost two children in as many years. There was no life insurance and no money to even have a funeral.

The second a sweet innocent little boy. His life was cut short by a tragic accident. He was very young and his single mother supported her son and herself by working two jobs. She was a wonderful mother who spent every hour she wasn’t working, just being his mom.  There was no life insurance.

The third is a friend from school. One who shares my married name because he is a distant cousin to my husband. He lost a long hard battle with addiction. He has a young family a step son and a loving girlfriend who is expecting their second child. There is no life insurance.

The community I am a part of is strong in cases of loss and illness. They rally together to support the sick or lost and their loved ones in times of need. Everyone chips in to donate what they can. Even though there are not a lot of jobs in the area and everyone lives paycheck to paycheck the compassion in our community is overwhelming.

I have cried many tears for lost loved ones and there families. There is no right thing to do or say at a time like this.

What is even worse to deal with is the fact that I am an insurance agent. I sell life insurance. I know some people feel like they can’t afford it so they never try to get it. If you cannot afford a few dollars a month now how will your family afford thousands of dollars all at once when something unexpected happens?

Why would you wait until your too old or too ill to get a policy? It breaks my heart to see the donations in lieu of flowers in an obituary.

So if you are young and healthy… get life insurance, if you have a family and home to support…get life insurance. Insure your children and grand children, because we pray it wont be needed and more than likely we wont use it, your child will always have that policy.

I am not trying to sell you anything, please don’t think I am. Call your current agent go online find a policy that will fit your needs and your budget. If you have health issues and cannot afford a policy open a savings account put a little bit back each week or month but don’t leave your family hanging when your gone. Loosing a loved one is tragic enough without worrying how your going to pay for a funeral or even a cremation.

If your lost when it comes to what is available or where to start I am here to help you because I am an insurance agent and my job is to advise and assist you. Feel free to call or Email me at any time.

I have concluded that at the end of the day you should hold your loved ones a little tighter and live each moment like it’s your last, because life truly is short and we never know if we will have a tomorrow.


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