What do you mean you don’t have your Insurance Agent’s personal Cell !?!

smart phones

Sometimes I get some strange looks when people find out that I give out my personal Cell phone number to my clients.

How are you supposed to have good customer service if your not available to your customers?

HappyI understand it isn’t possible to be available 24/7/365 but its our goal to come as close to that as we can. We make it a point to give new clients as many ways to reach us as possible right from the start. We have office numbers, personal cell numbers, Email, and Facebook. Our office is like a family and our clients are just an extension of that family. I never want to hear “They weren’t there when I needed them.”

Our jobs don’t end when the ink dries on that premium payment. In fact that is just the beginning. Our office always personally services our customers whenever possible. When you call 740-355-0888 you will get a warm human voice on the line. If you do reach our answering machine after hours or if we are helping other customers there are several options to choose from;

1) You can choose to leave a message on your favorite service reps extension. (Many customers get comfortable speaking to a particular person in the office and while we are all able to help any client with their needs we understand and enjoy those clients that only want to talk to “us”)

Donna EXT 222, Christee EXT 221, Jeannie EXT 225, Trever EXT 226 & Tara EXT 223

claims2) You can be connected with Farmers Customer Services Department. ( The customer service department is open 24/7 and is able to help with billing and policy inquiries, their direct line is (877) 411-1344. )

3) You can be connected to the Claims Department. (Farmers Help Point Claims Department is a 24 hour hotline for claims and roadside assistance who’s direct line is (800) 435-7764)

4) At the end of the teleprompt is the Agent’s PERSONAL CELL PHONE NUMBER.

Have we received middle of the night emergency calls? Absolutely and we answer them. Accidents weather they be big or small can be a huge deal for people. If you are dealing with a jeannie helpingsituation you have never been in before it can make a world of difference just to have a friendly voice to turn to.

Sure I work 9am-5pm but my job doesn’t end just because I lock the office for the night. I get calls, texts, and Emails from clients anytime. If its a non-emergency I let them know I have received the message and that I can take care of it when I return to work. If its an emergency you get started on the right path immediately. Sometimes that can make the difference in having a good or bad claim experience.

So I challenge you, Do you have your Insurance Agents personal cell phone number?

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