Just because you are single..Does NOT mean you Don’t need LIFE Insurance

Donna Wolery

A lot of folks think because I have no heirs that I should just invest and not have life insurance… Because when I die what will it matter anyway?

The reason why I am so passionate about life insurance is two-fold…

1) You never know when you are going to need it…

2) EVERYONE is going to need it.

I know a lot of people don’t like to talk about a death of a child but it happens. It is unnatural however,  I have watched many of my clients bury children and even grandchildren for all sorts of reasons, and nothing is worse than when I go to a funeral home and the family doesn’t have enough to cover the expenses, knowing they could have done something to provide that protection. Its one of the biggest fights I see come across my desk because everyone has the thought of ” it won’t happen to me”…Im here to tell you, we are not Kreskin and we don’t have a crystal ball to foretell our futures so why would you burden your family members when they are in a difficult period anyway for grieving your loss.

I am an only daughter and I am so thankful that my mother gave me a lot of advantages in my lifetime.

Donna mompicShe paid for my first car, my schooling, my extra activities and hobbies. I can never repay her for the wonderful things she has done for me. The least I can do as a responsible adult and  as her respectful daughter is to have Life Insurance. I have life insurance for my final expenses so that no one is scattering to pay for my wake and  burial.  I have Life Insurance so that my agency can continue to operate and salaries can be paid to my staff members while there is a transition process. I have an obligation to not only my mother to make sure my debts are covered but also an obligation to my employees that they are not worried about their paychecks and how their families will survive when I am gone.

LIFE insurance isn’t for me…its for the people I leave behind because I have responsibilities and I want them to know how very blessed and thankful I was to have them in my life.

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