Need some suggestions on what to put in your car emergency Kits? We’ve got some Ideas.

cars stranded

Even though the winter season seems to be winding down, it doesn’t mean that it’s completely over yet. Making sure you have everything in your vehicle that you would need in case of becoming stranded in the winter weather, get a flat tire or just break down and would have to wait for assistance. The following items would be good to have in case of an emergency:

accident kitBlanket(s)- Have enough for everyone that you are transporting in your vehicle. This way, if there would need to be a wait, passengers and yourself can keep warm until help arrives.

Hats and gloves – Keep extras in the car for someone who may not have any or to double up if it’s very cold and you need to conserve gas.

Non-parishable snacks-Such as nuts, dried fruits, granola bars or other nutrient filled goodies.

Bottled Water- This is really only suggested while it is cold outside or if you have a way to keep it cold. Due to chemicals in the plastic containers that can be released when the bottle gets hot. A good trick may be to freeze the water before you leave so that in case of being stranded you have cold water without worrying about the bottle getting hot enough to release the toxins.

Hazard Lights/signs- to make your vehicle visible to passers-by. Many new vehicles come equip with emergency kits just for this purpose.

First aid kit- These can be ordered through websites, different realtors and even purchased through some insurance companies.

Kids toys and books- Children are always the fist to get board when cooped up. So having the extra distraction for the kids can help relive stress on you as you wait to be rescued.

Pocket knife- In the even of a crash a pocket knife can be used to free someone form a jammed seatbelt.

Cell Phone Charger-his way you can keep your phone charged to make important calls and receive calls from individuals that would be coming to your aid.

Visit the DMV website first aid kitto see what they suggest to keep in your car in case of a breakdown or standardization.

Don’t forget that being stranded can happen in any season so it’s a good idea to always be prepared! Tell me what do you keep in your car for emergencies…

3 thoughts on “Need some suggestions on what to put in your car emergency Kits? We’ve got some Ideas.

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  1. Great post! In my opinion, there are several things you can keep in an emergency kit and I would rather be safe than sorry. Another thing to keep in mind would be to add emergency lights to a vehicle. This would add a layer of safety to both you and your vehicle. Thanks for sharing!

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