What do you mean I should have an annual meeting with my Insurance Agent?

Did you know you should have a meeting with your insurance agent at least once a year? Most people don’t and they never give it a second thought.

FFR1What can change in a year and what does that have to do with my insurance? If you have been watching TV at all latelyFFR2 you have seen those commercials about “do-it-yourself” Tax programs, one in particular shows just how much your life can change during the year and lets you know these things can affect your taxes. Well those exact same things can affect your insurance. So take a minute to think what did I do this year. Did you get married? Have a baby? Go back to School or finally get that degree you’ve been working on? Have you changed jobs? Did you move or even change any contact information?

These kinds of things are important to update. Your doctor’s office makes you update your information every year so why not your insurance agency too. Having the correct information for you means we can work better so that your needs are met. If you forgot to pay your bill and I don’t have a phone number or Email address how can I remind you? Sure we could mail you a reminder but who reads all that junk mail anyway?


If you haven’t seen  or heard from your insurance agent since you wrote your policy you’re ffr5not being taken care of. Every time something in your life changes it can affect your policies. If you add-on a new room to your house you want that new room to have coverage. If you get a new car you should let your agent know. ffr6Those are the obvious ones but have you thought to check to make sure your brother would be covered to borrow your car? Believe it or not some companies don’t offer coverage to a driver not listed on the policy. How do you know if your FFR4policy is one that does? You ask of ffr7course and what better time to ask than at your annual review?

We don’t want to cost you more money and take the time to look for additional discounts you FFR8may now qualify for while your here. At the same time we want to make sure you have ample FFR5coverage for your assets. Can you see the importance of a review with your insurance agent yet?

Here at The Donna Wolery Farmer’s Insurance Agency we take the time to do reviews with our clients at least once a year. Our clients are always welcome to call at any time with changes or questions and those are the things that make us stand out in a crowd.

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